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Medical Transcription Service

T-Pro offers premium medical transcription services to medical professionals in Ireland. We have 12 years experience in both supplying medical typists and in facilitating outsourced medical typing services. All of our medical typists are onshore, based in Ireland, and have medical transcription experience and training. Our IT standards are of the highest quality with full encryption guaranteed.

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Outsourced Typing Service

  • Irish Medical Typists

  • Low Cost Typing Service

  • Quality Assured, Accurate Documents

  • 24-hour Turnaround Guaranteed

  • Fully Secure and Encrypted
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    On-demand service"T-Pro's Secure app makes it easy to dictate and check my letters on the go"

    We can also supply an on-demand medical transcription service to suit any BPO scenario. T-Pro's transcribers can be utilised alongside your internal typing capacity allowing you to outsource as much or as little as needed to meet your turnaround times and quality expectations.  This not only eliminates backlogs of dictation, but allows you to monitor and evaluate KPI's, quality and cost of both internal and outsourced typists side by side.


    Integrate with your patient records

    Integration with HL7 Medical standards is a key component of our medical transcription service. T-Pro are set up to integrate with nearly any Healthcare system.  Patient demographics are used to populate templates and push completed documents directly back to your internal systems. Integration with your existing IT ecosystem eliminates human error and saves significantly on administration time and resources.

    Fully documented quality control procedures back up our medical transcription service. We continually grade our medical typists for accuracy and speed. Medical transcriptions are also graded by our trained medical typists to offer further layers of quality control and auditing. Contact us for a quotation. 


    Voice Recognition

    Speech recognition can be used to drive efficient and cost effective clinical document production.  T-Pro provides Market leading Dragon software to a number of Medical practitioners and institutions around Ireland. As well as front end desktop speech recognition, our backend (SaaS approach) allows us to provide speech recognition as a service to hospitals and clinics.  Once a file has been processed by T-Pro’s voice recognition server it goes through a rigorous QC/Editing process.  This means that clients get the cost saving benefits of speech recognition with the accuracy that comes from trained human eyes checking all documents.