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T-Pro employs fully trained Irish staff providing a fast and accurate transcription service. Our clients avail of dedicated typists who are assigned based on their speciality, to ensure consistent quality of returned documents.  Once documents have been completed they are quality checked by a dedicated T-Pro QC and returned via our secure distribution channels to the allocated recipient. Documents can be returned to client servers, authors or in house secretaries for sign off or can be integrated into your existing IT ecosystem.



T-Pro’s fully trained legal secretaries understand legal terminology and use it correctly. Transcriptions will be typed directly into client templates, from attendances and memos to complicated forms and precedents. These can then be imported into case management systems to save further administrative time. T-Pro's skilled staff are available to our clients on an on demand with documents returned within a matter of hours.


  • Guaranteed 24-hour turnaround.
  • Upskill internal staff to get better value for money and significantly reduce overheads.
  • On-Demand - Pay for what you use.


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T-Pro’s medical staff are categorised in line with their specialities undertaking work on a departmental basis. This structure ensures that whether we are working with neurology, gastro or ENT departments our typists provide clients with high quality, professional documents.  T-Pro's qualified and experienced transcriptionists ensure the highest quality of documents are returned to the Hospital for further processing.  T-Pro allows hospitals to:-


  • Reduce typing costs.
  • Improve efficiency of document creation.
  • Allow secretarial staff to run clinics and concentrate on patient care. 


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